VIP access to Bitcoin 2022 Whale Pass event


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Bitcoin 2021, held in Miami earlier this year, has proven that there is a massive appetite for an industry-focused conference and in-person celebration exclusively focused on Bitcoin. Building on this momentum, the team behind the event will return with Bitcoin 2022, to be held at the Miami Beach Convention Center from April 6 to 9, 2022.

In addition to more attendees, more business partners, more lineup, and more unique activations, Bitcoin 2022 will also double what was one of this year’s most popular offerings: the Whale Pass.

The Bitcoin 2022 Whale Pass opens exclusive access to a wide variety of benefits during the four days of Bitcoin 2022, designed for the most doomed Bitcoiners who hope to make the most of this rare opportunity. It eliminates many of the challenges inherent in in-person historic events to allow holders to focus on networking, celebrating, and creating the exact experiences they want. Among other things, Bitcoin 2022 Whale Pass holders will receive:

  • Personalized and individual “orange glove” concierge service
  • Access to The Deep indoor lounge with food, drinks and exclusive programming
  • Access to the unmissable Whale Night
  • Designated entry and exit to the event location with hotel transportation
  • Access to VIP meeting rooms that can be booked for private conversation
  • Golf cart transportation between The Deep, site rooftop, and Pitch Day stage
  • Access to reserved seats in the first row at each stage on the site

As many who have acquired a 2021 Whale Pass to Bitcoin would attest – especially since they celebrated solid money alongside Diplo at Whale Night – the Bitcoin 2022 Whale Pass is the best way to go. to make sure you catch all the content, meet all the people and make the most of the biggest Bitcoin event ever.

Get your Whale Pass for Bitcoin 2022 now.


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