Weekly Daily Emergency Needs Monitoring Bulletin: August 9-August 15, 2021 – Syrian Arab Republic


Context and methodology

The objective of the Emergency Needs Tracking System (ENT) is to track the key priority needs of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in northwestern Syria, as well as to identify communities whose households are in direct need of humanitarian assistance. The ENT assesses communities that have experienced any of the following events in the three days prior to data collection: more than 40 IDP arrivals, natural hazards (including storms, fires and floods), l ” escalation of conflict or any other event having an impact on humanitarian needs. This information should be used to better inform immediate humanitarian operations, as well as to provide a broader contextual understanding of the current situation. As the humanitarian situation remains complex, bridging information gaps in all sectors is essential to ensure a well-coordinated humanitarian response.

Data was collected between August 9 and August 15 (excluding Friday, Saturday and August 9). The information was collected through a key informant (KI) methodology with a community-led KI interview. The results should only be considered indicative. 124 communities, including 8 camps, were assessed overall in the northern governorates of Aleppo and Idleb. The complete dashboard is accessible here and the complete catalog of datasets is accessible here.


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