West receives 2021 Reading Australia scholarship


The Copyright Agency has named Edwina West of Oakhill College in Sydney as the 2021 Reading Australia Laureate for English Literacy Teachers.

West receives a grant of $ 15,000, which will be used to develop a resource for teachers and teacher-librarians to help students choose books that reflect their diverse experiences and address the increasing rate of literacy or lack of literacy. of interest in reading.

As a teacher, West met students who admitted they didn’t read because they had trouble selecting a text they could connect with. “This is an opportunity to find a more flexible and diverse approach to connect students with engaging representations of Australia and Australians in young adult literature to foster a love of reading,” West said.

Her scholarship project will also include the compilation of a collection of young adult fiction that teachers and teacher-librarians will use to recommend books to students based on their interest, relevance and reading ability. She will meet with key writing and publishing organizations to identify how Australian students “can be better exposed to high-quality and diverse contemporary Australian writings and books,” according to the Copyright Agency.

“Various representations of Australia and Australians are definitely available in the literature and have been for some time,” said Adam Suckling, CEO of the Copyright Agency. ‘[West’s] the scholarship will help connect more young readers with young Australian stories, addressing the growing literacy concern among Australian students. ‘

The annual Reading Australia scholarship is open to all English and literacy teachers and teacher-librarians. Last year, Karen Yager was awarded the 2020 scholarship to research the connection between the Australian landscape and literature.

West will complete her scholarship by September 2022.

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