Who is Felicity Blunt? Everything about Stanley Tucci’s wife


Felicity Blunt, 40, is an English literary agent married to famous American actor, writer and director Stanley Tucci. Wondering if Felicity Blunt is related to popular Hollywood actress Emily Blunt anyway? Your guess is correct! British actress Emily Blunt, winner of a Golden Globe, is her younger sister.

Who is Felicity Blunt? Everything you need to know

It is a known fact that siblings do not have to be in the same profession all the time. The same goes for Felicity as she chose a different profession for herself, unlike her sister, Emily.

Felicity Blunt and Emily Blunt Relationship

Felicity Blunt chose to become a literary agent and she is also Emily’s primary advisor. Emily Blunt, who began her professional career in 2001, is best known for her roles in blockbuster films like Mary Poppins Returns, Edge of Tomorrow, Sicario, The Girl on the Train and The Devil Wears Prada. Felicity and Emily share a great relationship and have been seen celebrating Christmas in 2020 together.

Felicity Blunt and her career as a literary agent

Felicity Blunt studied law at the University of Bristol after graduation. She began her career first as a lawyer in London. She then joined a UK based publishing house Curtis Brown as an intern and slowly progressed to become a literary agent. Curtis Brown is one of the world’s leading literary and arts agency companies, located in London, UK.

Felicity Blunt represents both fiction and non-fiction writers. She has helped many beginning writers like Rosamund Lupton, Tamar Cohen, Renée Knight, and Jessica Cornwell shape their careers. Anna Jones, Frances Quinn, and Tessa Kiros are a few of her non-fiction clients who write primarily in the kitchen business.

Felicity also mentioned in her biography that she enjoys thrillers, thrillers, historical and literary fiction. Plus, like most of us, Felicity Blunt loves watching Veronica Mars, an investigative series starring Kristen Bell. She recently tweeted about how to stream Season 4, asking fellow editor Sameades who was on maternity leave.

“My tastes for fiction are broad but are unified by my desire to portray unique stories and intelligent voices. I like thrillers, thrillers, historical and literary novels. I’m open to exceptional YAs or futuristic fiction or anyone who imagines alternate stories. What I want is to feel passionate about the story and absolutely believe in the world an author has created, ”Blunt wrote in his bio.

Felicity Blunt and her family

Joanna Blunt, former British actress and teacher, is Felicity’s mother. Speaking of his father, Oliver Simon Peter Blunt was a lawyer and adviser to the Queen. She has five siblings. She has an average height of 5’7 “. Her brother Sebastian is also from acting, known for his work in films like Edge of Tomorrow, Jack Ryan and Together.

Felicity Blunt’s marriage to Stanley Tucci

Stanley first met Felicity at Emily’s wedding, which took place at Hollywood actor George Clooney’s home in Lake Cuomo, Italy. After almost a year, Stanley proposed to Felicity on a trip to Berlin. Her marriage to Tucci in 2012 reunited relatives close to the family, a very quiet affair without much media attention. After their wedding, the couple hosted a large reception at Middle Temple Hall in London which was attended by film industry celebrities including Patricia Clarkson, Colin Firth, Julianne Moore and Meryl Streep.

The actor of “The Hunger Games”, Stanley Tucci, is doing wonderfully in his career and feels like the lucky man to have Felicity as his wife. Stanley never thought he would fall in love in his 50s after the death of his first wife. The Golden Globe-winning actor stars as a caring husband and loving father in his real life. Even though there is a 22-year age gap between the couple, they share an indestructible bond with each other. Stanley Tucci won 3 Emmy Awards and was also nominated as Best Supporting Actor for his role in The Lovely Bones. Before making his debut in mainstream movies, he was also seen in many TV series like Murder One, Legal Drama, Feud, etc. He recently received an award from the American University of Rome for his contribution to the arts and humanities.

Felicity Blunt – Life After Marriage

Tucci admitted he felt guilty after proposing to his second wife, Felicity Blunt. In an interview with Britain’s leading news outlet The Times, he said: “I panicked immediately afterwards, it was very hard to go on vacation at first, really hard to go somewhere with Felicity. I felt guilty. It’s horrible. ”Stanley also shared that Kate and Felicity met in 2006 at the premiere of his movie“ The Devil Wears Prada. ”He said it was just pure coincidence.

Felicity and Tucci have two children, a son – Matteo Oliver born in 2015, and a daughter – Emilia Giovanna born in 2018. She is also the stepmother of Tucci’s three children from his first marriage to the late wife Kate Tucci who succumbed to breast cancer in 2009. She is a great mother and treats her stepchildren like her own.

The married celebrity couple wrote a cookbook titled “The Tucci Table: Cooking with Family and Friends” in 2014. A video went viral on social media where Stanley Tucci was seen doing a Negroni for Felicity. Following the viral success, Tucci’s culinary adventures in their spectacular kitchen have often been seen captured by amateur cameraman Felicity Blunt on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Felicity Blunt prefers privacy in her personal life

Felicity keeps her personal belongings private. To be honest, unless they do, celebrity lives are nobody else’s business. Felicity has been seen at numerous events and awards shows to support her husband as well as her sister. Although Stanley and Felicity are very deprived of their children and their personal lives, Felicity occasionally shares her family life on social media platforms.

Felicity Blunt net worth

Felicity Blunt might not be as famous as her famous sister Emily who has the Screen Actors Guild Award in her cat apart from the Golden Globe Award. Nonetheless, Felicity Blunt holds an estimated net worth of around $ 80,000. However, it doesn’t matter much as her fortune is tied to her husband’s net worth.

Hope you liked this article on Felicity Blunt where we tried to provide the most information about her professional and personal life!


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