Why did BandLab buy ReverbNation?


Image Credit: BandLab

The BandLab music creation platform continues to grow, adding ReverbNation to its exciting portfolio.

BandLab Technologies is a Singaporean music company whose main goal is to give music creators access to fantastic free features. The company just expanded its collection of businesses, which includes NME, MusicTech, CakeWalk and the live streaming platform Chew, by acquiring ReverbNation from parent company eMinor.

The two companies have not disclosed details on how ReverbNation will fit into BandLab in the future, but the focus will be on artist services.

Mike Doernberg, CEO of eMinor, said: “ReverbNation has long been the standard for tools for promoting and growing artists. We have known and admired the BandLab management team for some time and are excited about this amazing offering that will serve music creators in new and powerful ways.

ReverbNation has been providing artist services and artist distribution tools since 2006. The functionality of BandLab’s core music creation product is completely free, and the company claims there are a total of 40 million creators who create and share music using the platform. The emphasis is on education and inclusion, with the free and easy-to-use music production software requiring no downloads.

Meng Kuok, CEO of BandLab Technologies, said, “We have a clear vision of the role BandLab plays in supporting creators around the world, now and in the future. This acquisition allows us to accelerate BandLab’s product roadmap and break down the technical, geographic and creative barriers faced by musicians and fans.

Hoping that BandLab continues to give beginning musicians and producers the opportunity to learn music production skills for free, regardless of the breadth of their asset lineup.

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