Woolworths and Big W Join Wiggles 30th Anniversary Celebrations with Collectibles and Virtual Activities


Collectibles and a virtual Facebook birthday party are on their way from Big W and Woolworths to help celebrate the 30th birthday of iconic Australian children’s group, The Wiggles, this month.

Woolworths has partnered with the Royal Australian Mint to produce 8 million celebratory collector coins for the occasion, available from October 6, 2021. The collection includes four unique $ 2 coins, released weekly over a period of four weeks, as well as a collector’s album. available for $ 15 in store or online containing all coins plus two commemorative $ 1 coins featuring original and current members of the Wiggles group.

In addition to the main group, the pieces feature a cast of characters from The Wiggles shows and performances, including Captain Feathersword, Henry the Octopus, Wags the Dog and Dorothy the Dinosaur.

“The Wiggles are a beloved Australian icon not only for children, but for a whole generation of parents who grew up singing and dancing to their songs,” said Andrew Hicks, Marketing Director of Woolworths. “We are delighted to be part of their 30th anniversary celebration with these limited edition pieces, which will allow our customers to own a piece of Wiggly’s history and share it with their families. ”

This isn’t the first time Woolworths has used coins to recognize milestones. Previous work with the Royal Australian Mint includes the Tokyo 2020 and Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic coins, as well as the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, Wallabies, Mr Squiggle and Possum Magic.

Big W is also getting into the Wiggly act, with a special virtual 30th birthday party planned via its Facebook page. The event is scheduled for October 1 at 9 a.m. EST and is expected to be a live celebration for kids recognizing missed birthdays with families and friends this year.

Upstream, Big W has created a number of downloadable activities through its “Big Days at Home” hub, set up last year on Facebook as a mechanism for virtual engagement with customers. The retailer offers downloadable activities such as making a party hat, making birthday cards, and pinning the tail to Wags the Dog. Big W also worked with Michelle Bridges, Zoey Foster-Blake and others on the hub, which received 68,000 pageviews in its first week.

Credit: Big W

“What better way to get everyone together for a BIG party than with Australia’s most beloved artists, The Wiggles. We look forward to welcoming children from across the country to wish all of you a happy birthday, ”said Big W Chief Marketing Officer Kristen Linders.

Blue Wiggle and one of the group’s founding members, Anthony Field AM, noted his own start to work in Woolworths’ fresh produce department in 1981 as he thanked retailers.

“The Wiggles Virtual Concert and Collectibles is a great opportunity for our fans to look back on their memories of the past 30 years and create new memories with our new Wiggly family,” he said. “The band, the songs and even the experiences have changed over the years, but our goal has always been the same – to educate children through inspiring music and creativity.”

In honor of this milestone, the group recently released a 30e anniversary album plus a new single, ‘We’re all fruit salad!’ like a game on their iconic tune. It features several other notable artists including Ritchie Allan, Lou Diamond Phillips, James Harkness and Evie Ferris.

The ABC is also marking the 30th anniversary of its distribution partnership with The Wiggles this year. In July, the duo entered into an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement for the group’s catalog of premium TV content, quality video productions and music. This includes future versions of The Wiggles’ current lineup and their back catalog, allowing ABC’s commercial rights to distribute to international broadcasters and streamers in the UK, US, Canada and others. English-speaking territories.

Earlier this month, die-cutting machine maker Cricut also partnered with Yellow Wiggle Emma to allow consumers to create their own Wiggles-approved designs at home on Cricut machines. The Wiggles have also been regular figures in the latest round of Uber Eats campaigns alongside ‘Gray’ Wiggle, Simon Cowell.

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