Yoko’s new book “Reflections” is a heartbreaking story of two sisters as they manage to get out of their predicament.

Yoko, an up-and-coming author from Texas, has completed her new book “Reflections”: a gripping trilogy about life and its unforeseen circumstances. It tells the story of Ta’jai and Taé and the series of miseries that made them tougher. Their journey is sure to have readers crying, laughing, angry and frustrated with them.

Yoko shares, “Ta’jai and Taé are two girls growing up in the real struggle of the neighborhood, trying to find their way after the death of their mother, struggling to survive the daily trials of LIFE. Turning to dancing to pay the bills and see the sister duo through plenty of twists and turns. Meeting people along the way leads the duo to do and see things that affect them in the good, the bad, and the wrong way of LIFE. Ta’jai meets someone from his neighborhood, and they take their love to a whole new level and have a new outlook on LIFE. Taé starts dating someone, and her man is the complete opposite! Ta’jai and Taé go on an emotional roller coaster to try to improve their lives. From drugs to dancing, fights to rape, nothing to do moves and quick bucks… Will the sister duo make a better life or will they remain victims of the hand that handed them been inflicted.

‘Stop! Leave me alone!’

I could see his sweaty face and feel his hot breath as he blew on my face. I could feel my body shiver with the fear that came from his piercing gaze. He was stronger than me! I couldn’t get him out of me. I gave up and let him. Since I felt so dirty, I just cried myself in another world…”

Published by Page Publishing, Yoko’s amusing article shows how unpredictable life can be. Obstacles will make or break a person. Life may not be rainbows and butterflies to some, but their ability to bounce back is what makes them inspiring.

This is truly a sentimental read filled with life lessons to reflect on.

Readers wishing to discover this remarkable work can purchase “Reflections” in bookstores worldwide or online at Apple’s iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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