Zemmour candidate in France and trying to compensate

of Stefano Montefiore

The right-wing controversy announces the presidential race: “France has stolen you”

from our journalist
Paris: “It is no longer time to reform France, but to save it. After months of false suspense, the official nomination arrived at around 12 p.m. yesterday, when Eric

mushroom It’s a YouTube video 10 minutes
This perfectly illustrates his vision of the world. far-right columnist, 63 years old, married, father of three children and now presidential candidate, tells with endless nostalgia a country that no longer exists, France “Joe d’Arc, Louis XIV and Napoleon” but also Molière and Racine de Jean Gabin and Brigitte Bardot.

Black and white photos of the past But they glide radiantly across the screen as Zemmour turns vehemently towards the French: “You have not abandoned your country, but your country has abandoned you. You are strangers at home.

And here are the suburban landscapes in a state of revolution, attacks on the police and subway trains swarming with people from all walks of life. The video suggests that without immigrants, France will return to this golden age which seems to remain the only age Desirable horizon for Zemmour: the fifties when women were their place and men certainly did not think about shaving as described in the book The first sex. With this pamphlet, in 2006, Zemmour began to go beyond the reactionary and anti-modern paths which lead him today to challenge Macron at the Elysee Palace in 2022.

The appointment is no longer subject to adjournment due to Zammour is going through its most difficult period since the start of summer
, when we started to talk about his entry into politics. Editorial career path in Predict figaro It has always been upsetting: an article with a programmatic title – France has not said its last word – Personal publishing house (Rubembré as Balzac’s character) after Albin Michel’s refusal, nearly 300,000 copies sold, presentation tour throughout France, cries Chief Zemmer!. The hurricane seemed unstoppable.

Meanwhile, the author of the article was putting together a team for the upcoming election campaign, handing out almost all power. Ala 28enne Sarah Knavu, graduated from the elite French factory ENA (on the contrary he failed the entrance test twice, and the shock never passed). TheThe couple landed Zumour Knafu on the cover Paris Match
And finally on that closerWhich revealed the pregnancy of the young country director. Zemmour is everywhere, from Vincent Bolloré’s CNews television – which promotes it hours and hours a day – to gossip magazines.

November 13, the reverse. The future candidate calls the cameras in front of the Bataclan on the occasion of the anniversary of the massacre and attacks those who could not “protect the French”, raising accusations of exploitation of the drama. Even the defense of Marshal Pétain goes against the usual political correctness of course, but also against historical truth and anger those whose families were exterminated by the Nazis and their collaborators. Incessant provocations which earned him two final convictions for incitement to hatredLess fun than before. Sunday the visit to Marseille failed, with the protest of a group of anti-fascists, responded with a presidential little finger.

Polls now show that Zemmour is lagging behind Marine Le Pen, and some lenders waive it. Throughout the video, the French singer tries to get serious again by standing in front of the microphone, like de Gaulle in London in 1940, with the wonderful and very sad background of Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony. Less gloomy, more open and optimistic, France was yesterday at the Pantheon, welcoming the triumphal arrival of the remains of Joséphine Baker, a brilliant dancer born in Saint-Louis, black, volunteer in the resistance against the Nazis, and French.

November 30, 2021 (modified November 30, 2021 | 11:16 PM)