ZEPP is the next innovation for consumer awareness

ZEPP is the next innovation for consumer awareness
ZRPL (BusinessWire India)

Business Wire IndiaZeitgeist Retail Pvt. Ltd. (ZRPL), a Bengaluru-based online retailer and service provider for the e-commerce industry, announced the launch of ZEPP, a technology platform that gives mainstream brands direct access to millions of Indian consumers. The platform hosts several student buying programs through which students and staff at major Indian educational institutions such as IIT, IIM and NIT can access products from top brands.

The ZEPP platform allows companies to customize their product catalog and the offers that accompany it, perfectly suited to the needs of each college or university. Major brands have already signed with ZEPP and offer products such as laptops, printers, audio products, gift cards and many other products that would appeal to the target audience. The platform saw good customer traffic early on, with tens of thousands of students signing up in the days after launch.

Unlike other “open” e-commerce sites, ZEPP offers a closed ecosystem in which users must provide their email ID provided by their institution to access the catalog and its offerings. This allows brands to offer never-before-seen prices for their products, based on their audience of choice. The system thus ensures that consumers get the best value for the products they buy.

Hiral Somaiya, Lenovo.com Country Manager said, “Lenovo is committed to providing everyone with access to education using smarter technology and we are excited to be able to offer our portfolio to the future leaders of tomorrow. We offer a large portfolio that boasts of the best features and specifications in its class, allowing students to do their best. We have made a wide range of our Thin-and-light, Gaming and 2-in-1 convertible laptops available to students through the ZEPP program. ”

Asked about the experience of hosting products on ZEPP, Apoorv Mangalam, Founder of RoadGods said: “The team has been flexible and responsive to our needs. The integration of our offerings on the platform was a breeze. We have seen new customer acquisitions through ZEPP in the segments they serve.

The platform has been deployed in over a hundred higher education institutions and meets satisfied customers among students and faculty. Arjun A, Researcher at IIT Madras agrees: “I have made several purchases on the IIT SPP website due to the favorable prices. ”

Students can consult the discounts organized for their institution on the following sites IIT Student Purchase Program, NIT Student Purchase Program, IIM Student Purchase Program, and SRM Student Purchase Program. Students from other eligible institutions can access ZEPP SPP website too.


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